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Hi, I am Ian Paul Graham.

I’m a startup coach and consultant. In 2008 I launched my own startup TheCodeFactory a coworking space and startup of startups. Building TheCodeFactory was a fantastic learning experience and a wild ride. In February 2020, I exited the coworking business just ahead of the COVID pandemic (Thank goodness!). To learn more about me and my startup experience, click here.


Startup Consultant

I help startup founders find a product-market fit or grow early revenue.

small business

Startup Coach

I help Founders see the forest for the trees by providing helpful insights.


Market Research

I help research new and emerging markets to convert uncertainty into risk.

I Help Startup Founders and Small Business Owners

As a startup coach I help startup founders find product-market fit. Getting your first few customers and going from no customers and $0 to $500k ARR is a unique challenge that startup founders must overcome.

As a startup consultant I help small business owners implement digital strategies. Building digital demand generation capability while grow revenue from $500k to $2M in ARR presents a unique set of challenges and constraints.

I have a decade of practical hands on experience going from no customer and $0 in ARR to product market fit and creating $3.5M in value for our partners.

You can find out more about my startup experience here.

In addition to being a startup founder and small business advocate, I enjoy researching and writing about; entrepreneurship, startups and a variety of other topics.

On this site I am Blog about; business models, digital transformation, and startup ecosystems. I have also been blogging about startups and entrepreneurship on The Road Well Travelled since 2007.

I have keen personal interest in lifelong learning, self-awareness and continuous improvement. I enjoy learning and then applying that knowledge to creatively solve real world problems.

You can find out more about me on LinkedIn

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Ian Paul Graham

Startup Founder Coach & Consultant