Good Better Best (GBB) is a startup retrospective framework. The framework is used to foster learning and continuous improvement. The intent of the retrospective format is to reflect, learn and improve. We used the Good, Better, Best framework at TheCodeFactory on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. The framework format varies depending on the chunk of time you are reflecting on.

The format for the meeting is summarized in the following table;

Startup Retrospective Framework

TABLE-1 – Good Better Best – Summary Table

Good – What’s working? (3 items) – Good starts the meeting off on a positive note. The intent of “Good” is to act as a meeting icebreaker. The premise of good is what happened this week that is working well. The amount of time dedicated to the Good part of GBB is the smallest chunk of time per item. The good section of the meeting should take ~10% of the meeting time. The idea is to get the meeting and conversation started on a positive note.

Better – What needs to improve? (2 Items) – Better is the meat and potatoes of the startup continuous improvement meeting. This is where the heavy lifting, change to processes and improvement inspiration comes from. What needs to improve is putting a polite varnish on what is broken that we need to discuss. The type of issues addressed here are things like customer complaints (BTW, I love customer complaints!) and other areas where we can improve. Saying what needs to improve points the conversation in the right direction on a positive note. Better is the startup version of issue processing in EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System).

Best – what was your personal highlight from the week? (1 Item) – Best is the icing on the cake and lets you end on a positive note. There are often some lessons learned in the Best section of the meeting too. As a team leader/facilitator this is a good opportunity to recognize your team’s contributions. Take the time to celebrate the small victories.

A simple startup retrospective framework

The Good Better Best (GBB) retrospective format is simple and easy to implement. The acronym spells out the agenda so it is easy for the team to remember. The meeting can take as much or as little time as you want to commit. Your team will learn to be laser focused on continuous improvement. Best of all the Good Better Best format really works!