What is a simple technique to improve the tone of your emails?

The Rule of You and I, of course!

The rule of you and I will improve the tone of your email and the likelihood of getting a reply. The rule is straightforward. Whenever you send an email to someone, make sure that you use the word “you” more than “I.”

To implement the rule of you and I, simply go back after you have written your message and count the number of times you use the words; “you” and “I.” If the number of you is less than I, the email needs to be rewritten. Rewrite the email until the “you” count exceeds the “I” count.

The result is an email written more from your reader’s perspective than your own. This can be very powerful when used regularly. Best of all, it works.

Word count: You or your (16), I (8)


Ian Graham