Do Key Performance Indicators Stifle Creativity?

Why Did I Write This Document?

I wrote this paper because I was genuinely curious if Key Performance Indicators (KPI) were a good thing or not. The question I am trying to answer is “Do Key Performance Indicators stifle creativity or enable results?”

Long story short … The answer is KPI can both stifle creativity OR enable results. The devil truly is in the details. If KPI is implemented properly they can drive results. However, if implemented poorly can create a toxic culture for your startup. To learn more, simply fill out the form to get access to your free copy of our guide.

What Is In The Paper For You?

Hopefully you have enjoyed reading the paper and found it interesting. Ideally the paper has given you some perspective on both the theory and practice of Goals & Key Performance Indicators. I have done my best to approach the topic objectively by presenting both the for and against perspective on KPI. If you have thoughts or opinions on the topic please feel free to reach out. My contact details are on this page.

Who Is This For?

Ideally I wrote this paper for anyone interested in learning the theory and practice of key performance indicators. Ultimately I am a big fan of metrics and think they are essential if you truly want to measure progress towards your goals. While I understand people having some reservations about using metrics IMHO you are usually better off with them than without. That said, you do want to carefully consider any metrics you decide to implement. Incentives (particularly financial incentives) are tricky and can often result in unintended consequences (Like with the three failed KPI examples).

Ian Paul Graham

Startup Founder, Small Business Owner, and Advocate.