“In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice; but in practice, there is.”

Research for Startups and New Product Introduction

I offer three startup-friendly research services intended to assist in developing a business plan or business case. The research services help you convert new product introduction uncertainty into risks that can be managed and mitigated. You can manage risk; however, there is no way to manage uncertainty. My research services help you bring clarity to the following questions;

  • What economic trends will impact product introduction?
  • What is the structure of the startup ecosystem for my product launch?
  • What is the strategic market opportunity for my startup idea?

Exploratory Methodology

The first step in researching any startup or new product idea is determining the strategic market opportunity. In my opinion, there are three levels of strategic opportunity; Economic Trends (40,000 ft), Ecosystem Structure (20,000 ft), and Strategic Market (10,000 ft). If you don’t understand the opportunity at a high level, you often miss the tactical opportunities. Once you know the strategic market opportunity, you can develop meaningful assumptions to convert into experiment hypotheses.

Developing Insightful Assumptions

  • Assumptions form the basis of your revenue forecasts
  • Assumptions are crucial to your business plan or business case
  • A key outcome of startup research is pragmatic, insightful assumptions
  • I have a track record of spotting trends and markets very early
  • I have more than a decade of experience working with startups in emerging markets

How Can I Help?


Economic Research

If you want to see the BIG Picture for your startup or new product introduction researching economic trends is a great place to start. I have a track record of identifying trends early.

ecosystem research

Ecosystem Research

Startup ecosystems exist in your area. The trick is to find and map them. I can help you discover and map the startup ecosystems that will support your product launch.

Market Research

Market research for startups or new product introduction has its own unique set of challenges. I can help you remove market uncertainty from your new product introduction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I use your startup research services?

My research services are best suited to startups that are launching products into new and emerging markets. If there is a lot of market uncertainty and you are having trouble finding data, my services are probably a good fit.

How is doing startup research different than academic research?

Startup research tends to be more field-based, practical, and exploratory in nature. Suppose you plan to launch a startup into a new or emerging market, there will be much uncertainty. Academic research, on the other hand, tends to be more theoretical and lab-based.

The research I tend to do focuses on converting uncertainty into risk. Risk can be managed and mitigated, and uncertainty can’t. If you want to build a solid business plan or business case, minimizing uncertainty and being aware of the risks is very valuable.

What are the outcomes of your research service?

Typically outcomes are pragmatic assumptions about the strategic market opportunity you are planning to target. These assumptions form the basis of your business plan or business case revenue and expense forecasts.

How much does your startup research cost?

I will work for my minimum base rate. Please contact me and I would be happy to share the rate with you.

Do you work with large enterprise clients too?

I usually work with small teams. The small team could be a new product introduction team from a company (any size) or, more often, the startup’s founders.

So the shorter answer is yes, I work with new product introduction teams from large enterprises.

Ian Paul Graham

Startup Founder, Small Business Owner, and Advocate.