Economic Research

“If all economists were laid end to end, they still would not reach a conclusion.”

Economic Research for Startups

Practical economic research for startups helps you predict long term economic trends. The economic data collected during the research supports the critical assumptions in your business plan. Economic data is essential for new product introduction because of its long-term effects on product introduction and how it will impact your revenue forecasts.

  • What are the key three to five macro-economic trends related to my startup?
  • What are the prospects for these trends for the next five to ten years?
  • How will our startup leverage the key macro-economic trends?

Predicting Economic Trends

Economic Trends are the 40,000-foot view and top-level strategy for your product introduction. Getting the economic trends right will lay a solid foundation for your business plan assumptions and revenue forecasts. There is both an art and science to gather, analyze, and predict long-term macro-economic trends. Get it right, and you have a solid foundation for your business plan assumptions and revenue forecasts.

Developing Insightful Assumptions

  • Identify key Macroeconomic trends (demographics, technology, regulations)
  • Gather data to develop assumptions regarding key macro-economic & industry trends
  • Analyze macro-economic data relative to your industry
  • Use data to develop models to forecast macro-economic trends
  • Make pragmatic and informed high-level product introduction assumptions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I use your startup economic research services?

If you want to develop a believable business plan, you have to grasp macroeconomic trends. Macroeconomics are the strategic trends that will influence your long-term revenue forecasts.

How is doing startup economic research different than traditional economic analysis?

The critical difference between traditional economic research and startup economic research is theory vs practice, respectively. As the quote at the top of the page, conventional financial analysis is about theoretical predictions and hypothetical models. Startup economic research is much more practical, and based in the real world. Startup economic research intends to develop reasonable assumptions, business models, and pragmatic revenue forecasts to be used in your business plan.

What are the outcomes of your research service?

The two key deliverables from startup economic research are; defining and predicting relevant macro-economic trends and forecasting the impact of those trends on your product introduction or startup launch.

How much does your startup research cost?

I will work for my minimum base rate. Please contact me, and I would be happy to share the rate with you.

Ian Paul Graham

Startup Founder, Small Business Owner, and Advocate.