Digital Strategy

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.

Tactics without strategy are the noise before defeat!”

– Sun Tzu

Digital Strategy for Small Businesses

A small business digital strategy is a plan to improve your business online and take advantage of new technology. Digital technology enables online lead generation, e-commerce, and software to manage your business more efficiently. Most B2B demand is now moving online, and if you are not there, your business will be losing out. The COVID crisis has accelerated the need to go online. If you aren’t online yet, now is an excellent time to make the transition.

Going online is no longer an option but essential to business survival.

More leads are coming from digital sources than traditional media.

Your competition is online, and if you aren't there, you will be left behind.

Implementing a Digital Strategy

I help business owners implement practical digital strategies. I also help you recruit, hire and train your digital marketing team. I can teach you and your team about digital technology. The COVID crisis has accelerated the need to go online. If you aren’t online yet, now is an excellent time to make the transition.

Five Steps to Implement a Small Business Digital Strategy

  • Have a clear understanding of your business objectives
  • Take inventory of your existing digital assets (Systems, Website, and Content Creation)
  • Conduct a gap analysis to determine where you are now and where you want to be
  • Align your business objectives, digital strategy, and content delivery
  • Implement digital systems and processes to manage, measure, and deliver business results

Frequently Asked Questions


A small business digital strategy focuses on using technology to improve business systems, workflows, and processes. The digital strategy specifies the direction a small business will take to create new competitive advantages with technology. The plan to implement will outline the tactics used to achieve these changes. A small business digital strategy enables continuous improvement.


A small business digital strategy is; business objectives, content strategy, digital marketing, inbound sales process, digital systems, and a dashboard to measure results.

Business objectives – Business objectives are the high-level strategic goals of the small business. These are usually the one to five-year objectives. Any digital strategy must align with the overall business objectives.

A digital strategy is a plan to optimize your business online. The design would include; mapping workflows, adapting existing processes, and building a digital foundation for continuous improvement.

A content strategy is a plan to promote your business online using interesting and engaging content to your customer. You create, distribute and measure the results of your paid (PPC) and organic content (SEO) campaigns. Great content should deliver a positive ROI to your business.

Digital marketing is the tactics and tools used to deliver content to your target audience. The goal of digital marketing is to build awareness and brand with your target audience.

An inbound sales process is how your business manages incoming leads and converts them to new customers.

Digital systems are the glue that ties all of your workflows and process together. Your small business’s three critical systems are; website, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and accounting systems. The systems manage your digital marketing, inbound sales processes, and customer interactions.

A dashboard measures the results and overall health of different aspects of your business.


Content marketing combines a content strategy with digital marketing to build awareness for your business. Content marketing includes using digital assets like a website, blog, and social media to deliver valuable content to your audience. The purpose of providing quality content is to encourage engagement with your customers. If you provide value to your customers, they will be attracted to your business and want to connect. If your content strategy is working, you will generate leads, acquire new customers, and generate a positive ROI on your marketing spending.

Ian Paul Graham

Startup Founder, Small Business Owner, and Advocate.